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Hug Rings for Commemorating Loved Ones: A Hug That Lasts Forever!


Rings have emotional values. They represent eternal love and care. It's common to gift rings while proposing or at the time of weddings, but a sterling silver hug ring can offer comfort to our loved ones at the difficult time of their lives when they are missing someone or have experienced loss.

A hug ring is a sterling silver ring with two tiny hands wrapping around your finger. This handcrafted piece of jewelry can make anyone's day. You can't always be with your loved ones, but the ring will ensure your presence and love. Read on to learn more about the hug ring and how you can use it for commemorating your loved ones.

What Does Hug Ring Symbolize?

A hug ring symbolizes love and support. The two tiny hands on the ring will remind your beloved they are not alone in this journey and sorrow. Thus, you can gift them to your loved ones who stay far away and remind them of your love and care. You can hug them from miles away.

As the hugging hands' ring represents affection and tender devotion, you can also use it as a memorial ring to commemorate the death of a loved one.

What Makes Hug Rings Special?

The emotional value of hug rings makes them extra special. Their significance lies in the act of love and affectionate embrace. They can make your friend or family member smile during a difficult time. 

One can use it for commemorating loved ones by thinking of these tiny hugging hands as their dear ones who left the earthly world and are on a different journey. 

Sterling Silver - A Timeless Choice 

Apart from its emotional value, the silver hug ring offers countless benefits. If you want to commemorate your loved one, send a hug to someone close to your heart, build a timeless jewelry collection, or get a luxury ring without a hefty price tag, then a sterling silver hug ring is for you.

Here are some more advantages of using sterling silver rings: 

  1. It's Stylish 

Who said memorial rings or similar gifts should be boring? The sterling silver material can make any piece of jewelry a charming one. Its elegant shine is never too harsh or dull for any jewelry type. 

It can be a window to your style and still help you send love to your loved ones with the hugging hands ring. Plus, sterling silver never goes out of trend due to its timeless elegance, affordability, and beauty.


  1. Hypoallergenic Properties 
Many people are allergic to different metals. However, with a sterling silver hug ring, you don't have to worry about rashes, itchiness, or discomfort because the material doesn't evoke any allergic reaction. This type of silver is naturally compatible with human skin. It won't trouble you for sure!
Designers add nickel into pure silver to make jewelry. That nickel affects 10 to 20% of the population from allergies. On the other hand, sterling silver does not contain nickel; therefore, it's hypoallergenic. 


  1. Low Maintenance
Sterling silver doesn't get tarnished by air. However, you may have to keep it safe from water which may cause tarnishing over time.
Coating the silver hug ring with an anti-tarnishing material always works wonders. Plus, it's cheap and easy. Even cleaning silver is easy with countless home remedies. Sometimes you can do it with a simple soap solution or baking soda.


  1. High Durability
Sterling silver is pure silver with added copper. The copper increases the silver's durability and strength. Therefore, you may keep the hug me ring forever or pass it to the next generation as a family heirloom. It can be a very loving gift to pass on to your kids or grandkids. The jewelry can stand the test of time without the high maintenance. Isn't it a win-win for all?


  1. Multiple Health Benefits
Sterling silver can be your go-to wellness jewelry as it has multiple health benefits. The silver and copper combination can offset electrical disturbances and help with your blood circulation and heat regulations. Therefore, it improves your body's heat and overall mood. Plus, it may alleviate symptoms of arthritis and restore stability and motion in inflamed joints.

How to Give Hug Rings as Gifts?

Whether you want to hold on to the memories of a deceived loved one or shower love on your distant darlings, a sterling silver hug ring can do it for you. You can gift it to your beloved on any occasion, happy or sad. 

The best part is this tiny hugging hands ring is adjustable. So, you can gift it to anyone as one size fits all. Plus, it's gender-neutral. It looks adorable on everyone, from a college-going girl to your 85-year-old grandpa. 

Project Hope Rings Help You Share an Unforgettable Hug

Project Hope Rings believe in sending love and holding onto the memories of the deceased ones. Therefore, we handcraft the hug me rings and send them to you with love. The high-quality silver metal can last forever and be your forever sign of eternal fondness. 

To make it your forever memory, we offer a lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy on our rings. You can buy it anytime, anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Who doesn't want a piece of jewelry that can last forever, is highly affordable, stylish, and has emotional value? Well, a sterling silver hug ring can offer all these godsends while letting you hold on to your beloved. These rings can make great commemorative gifts due to their appearance and lightness. It holds you like a memory from a loved one. It may remind you of the elegant touch of your sweethearts! 

So, get on our site and buy it for yourself or gift it to someone. Let your darlings get your special gift wrapped with love!

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